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Osher Lifelong Learning Institute  

2014 Southern Regional Lifelong Learning Meeting

OLLI logo with tagline Our southern regional meetings have become a way for volunteers and staff to share learning and fellowship, to discuss best practices, and to explore issues ranging from how to plan a membership social to how to raise funds.  They also give us a chance to explore one another’s communities and to come away with new perspectives. We were grateful that over 150 people from more than 45 separate lifelong learning organizations to beautiful Asheville, NC, for learning, networking, and fun at the 2014 Southern Regional Lifelong Learning Meeting hosted by OLLI at UNC Asheville, July 30-August 1, 2014.  Click here to view a meeting program.

We learned productively

We have asked all of our presenters to make their presentations and materials available on this website.  We plan to list presentations alphabetically by title.  Check back; we will continue to add presentations until September 1, 2014.


We are grateful to our presenters for helping us create a program that addresses some challenges we all face and for helping us see our work together in a new way.

We connected openly

While meetings provide the opportunity to learn best practices and Members chattingexplore new ideas, they also provide opportunities to meet people who share the special challenges and joys of lifelong learning.  Click here to view a photo gallery of candid shots taken during the meeting. Throughout the course of the meeting we asked participants to take photos of themselves and one another as a way to capture the energy of the meeting. Click here to see a slide show of moments we titled "Express Your Selfie."  Because lifelong learning communities are built on volunteer effort, they encourage open sharing and the understanding that improvements in our programs benefit all of us. We got to meet many interesting, smart people working together to provide opportunities to thrive in life's second half.  And we are going to send out an email to all of our participants at the beginning of November, asking them to send us images of things they have changed in their organization as the result of something they learned or experienced at the meeting.

Where will we meet next?

At the end of the meeting, a site had not been designated for the 2015 Southern Regional Lifelong Learning Meeting.  We here at OLLI at UNC Asheville by the end of October will post conference planning materials to help the next group organize their meeting. Click here to check out the Road Scholar Institute Network's guide to planning a regional meeting.   As planners of this meeting, we can tell you that you will have to work hard and be creative. You have to pay attention to details.  But you also have the opportunity to create a great team in your organization and to meet wonderful presenters and participants eager to learn and share their wisdom.

Meeting Sponsor

We would like to thank Augusoft for their support of this event!


Meeting Partners

Click on the links below to visit meeting partners and learn more about their programming

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OLLI at NC State University

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OLLI at UNC Asheville

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OLLI at UNC Wilmington

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