College for Seniors

The College for Seniors (CFS) is a program of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UNC Asheville (OLLI) established in 1988. With full access to the resources of the University of North Carolina Asheville, OLLI members come to feed their minds and nourish their spirits. They seek out an inspiring academic life and the vibrant communal energy that abounds at OLLI at UNC Asheville.

College for Seniors draws from the experiences and professional expertise of its members as well as from the UNC Asheville and other area institutions and people. Courses range from Chaucer to technology, from foreign affairs to opera, from the History of Modern China to Asheville on the Cheap. Previously, the program was primarily at the Reuter Center on the UNC Asheville campus, but during the COVID close down, College for Seniors has held its learning experience online.

Courses continue to be non-credit with no tests or grades and are open to all OLLI members. OLLI members collaborate with staff to teach, learn, and design curricula, and also arrange special events. In addition to the annual OLLI membership fee, a tuition fee for each term is paid by the CFS participants.

There are may ways to be a volunteer with College for Seniors, including teaching a course or working on a curriculum committee to plan the terms.

A great way to break into College for Seniors when courses resume on campus is to be a Class Rep — that person who helps an instructor, welcomes folks to class and takes attendance. Learn more about Class Reps here. And when you are ready to volunteer, let us know by completing a database form accessed here.

While OLLI is offering College for Seniors courses online in Summer and Fall 2020 and Winter and Spring 2021, a great way to get involved with the program is to offer to be a Zoom Assistant. A knowledge of some very basic features of online learn via Zoom is all that is required. To learn more, see HERE. And to volunteer, complete a short survey HERE.

Learning is a lifetime journey ... growing older merely adds experience to knowledge of man and wisdom to curiosity  — C. E. Lawrence

How do I register for CFS classes?

Register online and pay with a credit card. Click on Online Registration and follow directions. There is a Helpful Hints section with detailed registration instructions. If you need assistance with registration come in to the OLLI office.

  • You must be an OLLI member to register for College for Seniors. If you are not a current member, put the OLLI membership in your cart first. To see if you are already a current OLLI member, check "My Account."
  • Before selecting your College for Seniors courses, put the CFS registration fee in your cart.

When are the terms and what courses are offered?


  • Summer 2020: June 8-July 20, 2020 (twelve online courses are scheduled)
  • Fall 2020: September 21-November 13, 2020 (initial registration is planned for August 10-17). College for Seniors will schedule online courses.

Each term offers a spectrum of new courses ranging from world history to yoga to silent films and more.  View the courses in database format. You can search by instructor, day of the week/time, and course title.

College for Seniors and Woodfin YMCA Partnership for Fitness

College for Seniors is in a partnership with the Woodfin YMCA and Mission Pardee Health Campus YMCA in Arden through which CFS offers a variety of fitness courses at the YMCA. While membership in the YMCA is not required to take the CFS course, the CFS participant activities fee is lower for OLLI members who are also members of the YMCA. We have suspended course offerings at the YMCAs during the Covid-19 pandemic.

How much does it cost?

  • $115 Fall term (eight weeks)
  • $90 Winter term (six weeks)
  • $115 Spring term (eight weeks)
  • $75 Summer term (six weeks)

This fee structure for College for Seniors is based on courses offered at the Reuter Center on the UNC Asheville campus. In-person classes have been suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

How many classes may I take? What are CFS Guest Passes?

During a regular term at the Reuter Center, members are allowed to request and be registered for up to three classes per term during the initial registration period. After the original registration period is over and through the first week of classes, you may add as many courses as you are able to schedule.

In-person classes have been suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

A Guest Pass to visit a College for Seniors class session may be issued to non-OLLI members if

  • someone is visiting in order to get to know more about OLLI – Asheville and College for Seniors, or
  • out-of-town guests or family members of OLLI members are visiting OLLI for the day.

Click here to see College for Seniors Guest Pass policy and Guest Pass request form.

Guest Passes are not issued to OLLI members who want to attend a College for Seniors course in which they are not registered. CFS courses are available to OLLI members after the term tuition is paid and the OLLI member is officially registered for the specific course.

What payment methods are accepted?

Online registration accepts credit cards.
Also, pay by cash and check in the OLLI office.

Is financial assistance available?

Scholarships are available to partially cover CFS enrollment term fees; the annual OLLI membership fee is the member’s responsibility. Submit a completed scholarship application along with your registration form. For additional information, call 828.251.6140.

Do I have to register in person?

No, you may register online from any web-connected computer and use a credit card for payment. Click on Online Registration and follow directions. Click on Helpful Hints to find registration instructions. If you need assistance with registration come in to the OLLI office.


Questions about College for Seniors?

Contact College for Seniors Program Manager Herb Gunn at 828.251.6873 or