To Be Younger Next Year: The Total Workout

Course Dates: 
Seven sessions in first 4 weeks: March 28, 30, April 4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 2018
Wednesdays and Fridays, 9-11 a.m.
Chris Lorish
Elise Beckstett
Marcia Markowitz
Course Catalogs: 
2018 Spring

Have you not been very physically active but want to be able to do the things that give your life meaning and joy? The research is clear: strength, flexibility and aerobic activities can slow the aging process and preserve your ability to continue or resume activities that are important to you. Twice-a-week over four weeks, we will develop a 30-minute routine in each of three areas—strength building, flexibility and aerobic exercise—that you can continue at your home or gym. The routine will be tailored to your current fitness level and put you one step closer to a practice that is sustainable and effective. We will also discuss key concepts from the book Younger Next Year. Recommended text: Younger Next Year by Chris Crowley and Henry S. Lodge, ISBN 13: 978-0761147732. Prerequisite: Participants need to be able to get down and up from the floor.

Course outline

Chris Lorish ( retired after 25 working as a medical educator at a major medical research university where he engaged in teaching, research and service projects in health and wellness. Since retiring he focuses his energy on participating in and encouraging healthy aging activities with seniors. Elise Beckstett ( is a classical Pilates instructor, certified through the 700+ hour PURE Pilates Training program. Her focus is working with active seniors. Elise continues to refine her skills through continuing education with some of the foremost practitioners around the country. Marcia Markowitz ( became a personal trainer to keep herself agile and strong and leads CFS hiking courses.