Breakfast/Brunch Using the Mediterranean Diet, Section A

Course Dates: 
First 2 weeks: June 24, July 1
Mondays, 9 – noon.
Sheila Murphy
Dennis Murphy
Course Catalogs: 
2019 Summer

Break the fast! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We will be preparing quick, easy and healthful recipes, along with some items for great brunches. We will use fruits, vegetables, eggs, meats, fish and grains in various ways to explore how to go from a simple break-the-fast to special recipes for special events. The course will be held at the instructors' home about 10 minutes from the Reuter Center. Prerequisites: Participants must commit to attend the two classes, must be able to stand for more than two hours at a time and move about in tight quarters. Food fee: $50, payable to instructors at the first class session.

Course outline

Instructors: Dennis and Sheila Murphy ( have been cooking for more than 50 years together and more than 10 years with College for Seniors courses.