Finance Committee Scholarships

Mary el Dahb Scholarship Fund

After Mary el Dahb, a long-time participant in the College for Seniors and other OLLI programs such as the intergenerational classes, passed away, her daughter established a scholarship fund honoring her mother.

The fund is devoted to increasing the diversity of OLLI membership, retaining long-time members and attracting new members. Recipients of scholarships are also encouraged (1) to participate in other OLLI activities and (2) to serve in volunteer positions

The fund is administered by the Scholarship Subcommittee of the Finance Committee


Any member of OLLI who is enrolled in the College for Seniors or in intergenerational classes. Since scholarship funds are limited, an award for one term does not guarantee or limit an award for another term.

How to apply

College for Seniors Scholarship – Complete and submit an application form 


Members or friends of OLLI who wish to make a tax-deductible contribution to the Mary el Dahb Scholarship Fund or other scholarship funds should contact Ann Cadle, OLLI Business Manager, 828.251.6384.