Gift of Time

Thoughtful Planning for Life's End

Go Beyond "5 Wishes" in This Comprehensive Five-week Workshop

The Gift of Time program will encourage you to think about how to plan and communicate your end of life wishes to spouses, partners, children and parents. Take control of what you want for yourself and help others address the myriad issues that face all of us in times of crisis. The workshop will be an extended conversation with trained facilitators as well as outside speakers who will converse holistically on key legal, medical and spiritual issues. The objective is to provide participants with compelling reasons to prepare an end of life plan and prepare them to deal with both the rational and emotional elements of such a plan.  

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Dates & Agenda

Gift of Time dates:

May 19, 21, 26, 28, and June 2, 2020, from 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

The Reuter Center

Facilitators and experts will guide you through
• Considering common end of life medical dilemmas and options for resolution
• Developing a plan for the seamless transition of financial matters
• Structuring difficult conversations with loved ones

Cost & Registration

Cost: $30/person

Open to current OLLI members only.

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Refund policy:

Refunds will be issued for the program fee, minus $25/person administrative charge, for cancellations made by 5 p.m. at least 10 days prior to the program start date. For cancellations made fewer than 10 days prior to the program start date, no refund is available.  To cancel, notify Hannah Furgiuele by email

A letter from Gift of Time creator, Nick Jordan

It was not the news I wanted to hear. My cancer cannot be cured and I have between two and five years remaining. For me, it is a gift of time and I'm not wasting a second of it. I wrote a bucket list of thirty five items and there are only two remaining. I want to invite you to join me in completing one of them.

After the initial shock, I decided I wanted to make it as easy as possible for my family by putting my legal, financial and personal affairs in order. It turned out to be incredibly stimulating and to my surprise much more complicated than I had thought.

There was another surprise. Every professional I talked with said their greatest challenge was the high number of patients and clients who could not or would not face end of life planning for themselves or a loved one. As a result, financial decisions were delayed, family conflicts not addressed and sometimes useless treatment regimens were followed. The last stage of life was needlessly complicated because of poor planning.

With some help from a few friends, I'm putting together a Workshop that covers all of the things I have learned over the past few months. Legal, medical and spiritual experts will run the five informal sessions and enrollment will be limited.

Believe me, I know that end of life planning can seem to be painful. The reward of peace of mind in knowing that you have made things so much easier for those around you is well worth it.

--Nick Jordan


"Gift of Time was the best class or workshop I have attended at OLLI. Since my attendance I have created a trust and updated all my other legal paperwork. I drove to Virginia to have “the talk” with the kids and thought a lot about my own “expiration date” and how I wanted things to go when the time comes. Nick Jordan is amazing and such an inspiration. This should be a required class for anyone over 50! I have told all my friends about it and encouraged them to participate. I hope they do so they too can have some peace of mind and control over their life and death."

Jeanette Jackson

"I found this program very helpful.  I was encouraged enough that I have made a special notebook for my children which has almost everything they will need when I die -- even where to send death certificates!  It was inspiring and I learned there was still a lot for me to do even though I thought I had been usually prepared!"

Marleen Varner

"Sitting in the front row of the class being offered for the first time, I was taken by the 'first time experience' of this Instructor, the members of the class and my 'first time' responses.  At the end of the class I saw tears in his eyes...I don't remember was said.  Hurrying to the car, I burst into tears...The Gift of Time.  I don't know if I had thought, felt or been touched by 'This Gift' before.  The experience continued throughout the term.  All the speakers were exceptional, Sincere, and Present. But the instructor was the Best. A man who could share his journey and feelings of his experience.  Life has these Gifts.  They are to be shared."

Dore Hansel

"It has given me the courage to face the entire subject of death and dying."

Anonymous Participant

"(Gift of Time) has made me feel much more secure about exactly what needs to be done to be ready for the end of my life, and has spurred me to action in completing the documents which are necessary to instruct my family, friends, spiritual advisor, and doctors how I wish to be treated."

Anonymous Participant

"(Benefits include) learning all the concrete information, finding a forum in which it was okay to discuss these matters, learning from others more about how to find the words to discuss these matters, (and) building a sense of camaraderie with others in the group."

Anonymous Participant

"Thank you so much for this workshop and for your time. This has been a gift to me and my family."

Anonymous Participant


What the Experts say...

“As a firm that practices a holistic approach to law, the Elder Law Firm of Andrew Olsen wholeheartedly endorses the efforts of Nick Jordan and the OLLI Life Transitions Committee. To assemble end life decisions - prior to crisis - can not only give an individual the peace of mind to know that their wishes have been honored, but will take the sting out of tough decisions for loved ones in time of crisis. Nick’s courage and accountability are to be commended.”

The Elder Law Firm of Andrew Olsen


Program creator Nick Jordan's story was recorded in 2014, and you can view a sample of his message.

View a video clip of Nick Jordan's story

Nick and the Gift of Time program was profiled by the Biltmore Beacon in late 2014.

"The Gift of Time", The Biltmore Beacon, December, 2014