Relativity for Anybody, Section 2

Course Dates: 
April 23, 30, May 7, 14, 2015
9 -11 a.m.
Mark Whipple
Course Catalogs: 
2015 Spring

(2nd four weeks of term)

Relativity for Anybody is not part of a physics course, and will not assume a background in physics from those who wish to enroll.  The course will explore how Einstein's relativity, both the special and the general versions, changed our understanding of almost everything: matter, energy, gravity, and even the fundamental properties of time and space.  The course will begin with a summary of the background in physics that led up to relativity, and it will end with a discussion of some of the recent applications, such as black holes and the expanding universe.

Mark Whipple ( has been a physics and astronomy teacher for his entire adult life, and has been teaching at the College for Seniors for two years since moving to Asheville from Maryland.  Outside interests include books, bridge, and baseball.