Nothing Gold Can Stay: Four Short Stories of Ron Rash

This course is in a lecture/discussion format, using stories of different styles and points of view.  The emphasis will  be on how to read a short story and how to appreciate the craft of the author.  It is necessary to read the story before class to prepare for class discussion.  Please read Night Hawks on page 209 before the first class.  Required text: Nothing Gold Can Stay, Ron Rash, ISBN: 978-0-06-220271-0.  Cost: from $14.58 (new).

Latin I

Latin 1 is designed to enable participants to learn the skills associated with all language learning—vocabulary acquisition, pronunciation and speaking, reading, and writing.  Participants will also learn how an inflected language works, and gain competency in translating short, abridged stories and passages from classical authors such as Pliny, Cicero, and Tacitus.   Members will memorize dozens of Latin words, many of which have English derivations, so they will be easily recognizable.  We will learn to think about words and sentences as puzzles to be unraveled; if you

Get Big with Paint WORKSHOP

Fee: $115/member; $125/non-member
Material Fee: None. The instructor will provide a detailed materials list prior to start of the workshop. If participant is buying all new brushes and paint, it could cost $80-$125.


Discover the joys of creating large-scale paintings in a supportive environment. Through a series of exercises instructor Ursula Gullow will encourage students to paint more freely and create large works of art effortlessly.