Men in Transition: From Doubt to Confidence

 Men face many challenges as they enter retirement, including aging (especially at decade points), illness (family or self ) or death in the family, loss of career, diminished power, diminished libido, distance from family and friends, as well as other obstacles.   We'll discuss transitional issues men in the class face from the perspective of each class member.  Just bring your life circumstances and stories.

Twenty Therapeutic Qigong Postures II

The Twenty Therapeutic Postures, systematized by Dr. Wu Chengde in 1958, are effective therapeutic methods used since ancient China for treating neck, shoulder and back pain.  Regular practice reduces stress and tension, maintains normal functions and strengthens the body.  Also included will be Qigong exercises for strengthening various organs and systems of the body.  The Twenty Postures have wonderful, descriptive names such as Pluck the Stars and Re-arrange Them, and Tame the Tiger!

Basic Mac II

This is a slow passed, hands-on exploration of the Mac for the new user. Learn the customizable interface, practice keyboard, mouse, and trackpad gestures while discovering basic word processing with Text Edit, email with Apple Mail, and surfing the web with Safari.  We will also briefly cover iTunes, iCloud and computer maintenance.  Minimum Requirements: Participants must own a Mac.   Required text:  The Little Mac Book, Lion Edition (Peachpit Press) Robin Williams, ISBN: 13: 978-0-321-77658-7.

Acupressure for Well Being and Better Health II

Are you curious about how to activate the acupuncture points through acupressure (no needles) to improve your sleep, memory, digestion and other ailments?  In this course, you will learn not only acupressure, but also daily tapping and breathing exercises to enhance the body's natural energy flow for overall health.  In the end, you will gain a basic understanding of how Oriental medicine's energetic system works.  Please wear comfortable clothing.

Earthing & Longevity Movement Qigong- CANCELLED


Qigong forms draw healing Qi into the body using our imagination, breath and gentle movements.  We will explore our awareness of balance and play through experiments such as the earthing salutation and the longevity movements.  The earthing and longevity movements provide gentle self-nurturance and are based on the Eight Brocade Qigong.  We will build Qigong form gradually, piece by piece; please enroll only if you are able to attend all sessions.  Class discussion will play an important role in our time together.

Yoga for the Second Fifty Years

Focusing on preparatory stretches and strengthening poses that build confidence, improve coordination, and develop a sense of inner peace, move at your own speed to learn more about yoga and about yourself. This class is designed for those with little or no experience with yoga and those resurrecting from patterns of inactivity or from injury. Materials fee: Yoga mat. Cost: about $20. Recommended text: Yoga Gets Better with Age, Lilias Folan, ISBN 1-59486-070-X. Cost $22.95. Due to topic popularity, you may take only one yoga course per term

Yoga for Quilters, Crafters, & Computer Users

$20 fee required, payable at the time of registration

Hours spent quilting, working on crafts, or sitting at a computer take a toll on the body. Yoga can help relieve tension, relax muscles, and counteract the effects of repetitive movements. Learn simple yoga poses and stretches that can be done sitting in a chair or standing in your crafting or computer area. No yoga experience is necessary. A yoga mat is not required. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and supportive, non-slip shoes. Due to topic popularity, you may take only one yoga course per term

T’ai Chi for Back and Balance

$20 fee required, payable at the time of registration

The principles and movements of T’ai Chi have evolved over the centuries to improve health and balance. The movements are gentle and meditative, relaxing and strengthening the body. You will learn exercises that you can incorporate into a daily routine to develop flexibility, integration, and stability. You will have the opportunity to purchase an optional CD.

Stay Fit

This course will address some of the key factors in maintaining a high quality of life in your senior years. We will focus on the physical changes of aging, medical concerns, diet and nutrition, and fitness. You will learn innovative exercises for improving balance, flexibility and strength. If you have an exercise mat and/or beach towel, please bring them.