Scrabble: Become a Family Champ and Beyond!

Become a better Scrabble player, perhaps the family champ! If interested, join the fun world of competitive Scrabble, locally and at tournaments throughout the country and world. Participants will improve their scores, learn strategy and how to manage their racks, see board opportunities, and find fifty-point “bingos” using all seven letters. We will have fun with lots of guided practice. Bring a Scrabble set to class if you have one.

Play of the Hand: Bridge III

Have you taken intermediate bridge? Want to improve your skills? We will address playing the hand by declarer and defending by the opposition to get more out of your cards, when and where to better use “bridge maxims,” and other topics such as hold-up plays and attitude signals. Lectures will be followed by play of the hands illustrating the topic. Required text: Play of the Hand as Declarer and Defender, Shirley Silverman, ISBN 0-939460-69-6, plus point count bidding guide, (which will be available in class). Cost: $8.

Optimizing the Whole Self with the Alexander Technique

Learn practical steps to prevent and decrease pain, improve balance, and increase enjoyment in every activity, whatever your condition. Expand your understanding of anatomy and mental focus to improve posture, stamina, vitality, and rest/recovery. Each class is ninety minutes; participants will have the opportunity to schedule one thirty-minute private consultation with a teacher at the end of a class. So bring your calendar to the first class to schedule your session! The course material is cumulative; please only register for the course if you are able to attend regularly.

Older, Wiser, Sexually Smarter II

This course encourages participants to re-think their old scripts, and consider how to create new and positive ways of being sexual as they age. Participants openly discuss sexuality, culture, and the influence of aging on intimate relationships. Topics covered include intimacy, communication, history of sexuality, self pleasuring, body image, cyber sex and the internet, and much more.

Journey Dance/Move Your Body

Location: Sherrill Center

Journey Dance is a freeing movement experience. We start with a short sharing, followed by visualization and stress-melting stretches. As you are led into easy movements, you are then guided to move intuitively on your own. End with a delicious relaxation. Feast upon safety, connection, joy, release, and the healing experience of music. All body types and energy levels are celebrated. No dance experience is required.

Beginning Ballroom Dancing: Foxtrot and Swing

Location: Sherrill Center

This course will cover four weeks of foxtrot lessons and four weeks of swing lessons. No partner is required. The goal is to provide students with enough basic skills to enable them to feel comfortable getting out on the dance floor. Please wear shoes with soft soles.

Sherry Lubic ( is a professional ballroom, Latin, and rhythm instructor. Dancing is her passion, and her desire is to instill that same passion for dance in those she teaches.