Advanced Beginner Line Dance

Location: Sherrill Center   $20 fee required, payable at the time of registration

If you have taken a beginner line dance class previously, you will enjoy this class. We will review the fundamentals and learn more fundamental steps associated with a higher level of beginner dances. Line dancing is great for the mind and body – and lots of fun, too!

Performing Stand-Up Comedy

So your friends think you’re funny! They say, “You should be on stage!” Here’s your chance to be in the spotlight, perhaps live out a long held dream. Together, in a relaxed atmosphere, we will develop your own personal routine by honing your performance skills and writing the material that’s right for your unique stage character. The culmination will be a real stage performance before an audience of your family and friends. Materials fee: $10, payable to the instructor at the first class.

Acting Toward Performance

Using characters from R.C. Gerney’s plays, we will audition, cast, block, memorize, and rehearse toward an edited performance from “Scenes from American Life”. The course will include monologues, dialogues from various plays, improvisation, and theatre games.

Studies in Skepticism

We’ll contrast skepticism and cynicism, cover the scientific method, control groups, and deal with the post-hoc, pragmatic, and recessive fallacies. We’ll examine prayer, Jung’s synchronicity/apophenia, out-of-body and near-death experiences, the Forer and placebo effects, astrology, sacred geometry, and the enneagram. Also discussed will be confirmation and positive outcome bias, the argument from ignorance, the law of truly large numbers, and the film What the Bleep.


This course presents a historical and mathematical introduction to infinity. We will start with the ancient Greeks, and the controversial role of infinity in classical mathematics. Special attention will be paid to the remarkable (and controversial) discoveries in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Very little mathematical technique or skills will be required.

Varieties of Early Christianity

Modern scholarship and discoveries of texts during the last century have demonstrated a rich variety of forms in early Christianity—and that there never was a single and normative version. We will give careful attention to the letters of Paul and the four canonical gospels, as well as the gospels of Thomas, Mary Magdalene and Judas, and the Secret Revelation of John.

Farley Snell ( has been teaching courses in religion at the College for Seniors since Winter 2008. His PhD is from Union Theological Seminary in New York City.

Think on These Things: Exploring Big Questions and J. Krishnamurti

This course will center on the philosophy of Jiddu Krishnamurti, a twentieth-century secular Indian thinker who challenged the world to wake up and become conscious: to discover the true meaning of such concepts as “education”, “freedom”, “ love”, “intelligence”, “religion”, “confidence”, “character”, “revolution”, and “truth”. All classes will begin with a meditation period, as Krishnamurti deemed meditation essential. Required Text: Think on These Things, Krishnamurti, ISBN: 0-06-091609-5 or 978-0-06-091609-1. Cost: $14.