The History of Sexuality in America

In this course, participants will examine the history of sexual issues in the United States and review the impact of sexual changes on American culture. In large and small groups, we will also discuss the progress that has been made in our culture concerning sexual issues as well as identify the socio-cultural struggles that have led to changes in our culture.

Kelley Wolfe, PhD (, is an authority on sexuality and women’s health. She is a speaker, educator, and private practitioner.

The Cherokees

Most of us have heard of the Trail of Tears, but our Cherokee neighbors have a long and more complicated history, both internally as a Native American group and in numerous contacts with state and federal governments. This course aims to help participants gain an understanding the Cherokee past, so that we can better understand its present.

Vittorio De Sica & Italian Neo-Realism

Film director Vittorio De Sica--with some of Italy’s greatest directors—is linked to a brief ten-year postwar movement in film. Set among the poor and working class, often using non-professional actors and shooting on-location, this movement produced riveting works that brought recognition to Italian cinema and continue to influence global filmmaking today. We’ll look briefly at the movement, consider De Sica’s career, and discuss the stories of four of his films.

The Rest of the Best of Fellini

Federico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita and 8-1/2 are well known, as are his earlier neorealistic LaStrada and Nights of Cabiria. We will review and discuss the biography and filmography of this director and writer, concentrating on excellent but less well-known films such as Il Bidone, Toby Dammit, Le tentazioni del dottor Antonio, and Intervista. If time allows, we will also view City of Women.

Mainstream Cinema as a Mirror of Society

This course will focus on film as a mirror of society and its reflection of society and culture over the decades. Various excerpts will be selected to initiate the discussions. We’ll discuss the Hayes Code of Motion Picture Production in 1934 and how the industry’s self-censorship collapsed under market pressures from changing social morality. Discussions will also include syndicated film criticism and its impact.

Hunger in Western North Carolina: Exploding the Myths, Exploring Solutions

How do families with limited resources obtain their food? With federal assistance programs as a backdrop, the stage is set to focus on the needs and the solutions in Western North Carolina. Two guests will spotlight effects on older people and on children, who are much more likely to be hungry than are adults. Field trips include MANNA Food Bank, a local soup kitchen, and a food pantry.

There’s More to Photoshop Than Just Fixing Photos

What do you do with your pictures after “fixing” them with Photoshop? Use the creativity of Photoshop to show off your photos! We will explore Photoshop’s drawing tools, type, brushes, and layer styles while creating an accordion mini-album, a desktop calendar, and a thank-you card. In the computer lab, we will create the templates and pages. At home, you will print out your project and assemble it. (Assembly will be demonstrated in class, and pdfs will be emailed to “refresh your memory.”) Please note this is not a beginning Photoshop course.