PC Computer Basics and Shortcuts

Do you know little or nothing about computers? This course will give you tips and slowpaced hands-on practice with computers that use Microsoft Windows. You’ll learn easy ways to navigate and search the Internet, create and use folders, do simple word processing, and email documents with attachments. We’ll also have very brief introductions to Facebook and PowerPoint.

iPad Hootenanny

So you have been seduced into iPad land? Are you happy with this choice? Do you wonder if you are using your iPad effectively? Do you have anxiety regarding all the “app” options? Are you eager to share iPad experiences? Come join me to sing praises to the iPad. Minimum Requirements: An iPad and a willingness to share experiences using it.

A Macster since 1987, Larry Fincher (larryfincher@mac.com) has taught many Macintosh computer courses at the College for Seniors.

Getting Hip With Facebook

This is a hands-on beginner course for those interested in joining the fun and popular social network, Facebook. We will cover how to set up a Facebook account, find and add friends, post pictures and videos, as well as learn about privacy and security settings and applications/games. Note: No advanced topics in Facebook will be discussed in this course. Minimum Requirements: Participants must have strong basic computer knowledge and have an email  account that they know how to access remotely from the OLLI computer lab.

Understanding Real Estate Transactions

Learn how to control the process and minimize the frustrations of buying and/or selling your home. Topics will include choosing a broker, financing, pricing, negotiation, and closing, as well as acquisition of vacant land. Instructors include a residential real estate sales consultant, an attorney, a mortgage lender, and a home inspector.

Binna Green (binnag@bellsouth.net), course coordinator, has worked in all aspects of residential and commercial real estate since 1978.

Watercolor for Beginners

This course will teach watercolor basics for people new to the medium. Techniques to be covered include basic brushwork, washes, and color mixing. We will learn simple painting skills; some drawing skills are assumed.

Susan Kibler (susankibler1@frontier.com) is a member of the National Association of Women Artists, the Pen & Brush Club, the Art Students League in New York City, the Columbia County Council of the Arts, and The Art Safari in Weaverville.

Quilting—Three Dimensional Appliqué

Three-dimensional appliqué is used to enhance or embellish traditional flat appliqué and is suitable for wall or art quilts or garments. Students will make sample pieces. A supply list is available through the College for Seniors office.

Mary Field (jdfield36@hotmail.com) earned a BS in textiles and clothing from Iowa State University and did post graduate study in textiles and related art at Michigan State University. Active in the Asheville Quilt Guild, she has exhibited locally and nationally.

Learn to Knit

This course is for the TRUE beginner who has NO previous knitting experience. Skills learned will include casting on, casting off, the knit stitch, the purl stitch, increasing, and decreasing. Students will also practice various stitch patterns, and, if time permits, learn how to read simple knitting instructions. The course will culminate in a simple project.

Drawing for People Who Think They Can’t Draw

Drawing is absolutely an attainable skill if you think you can learn! Cultivate your talent and acquire new skills. We will make “before” and “after” drawings to document our progress. Learn how to get started when you don’t know what to draw. We’ll explore pen, pencil, and charcoal from scribbles to realism. Amaze yourself! This class will be fun, supportive, and fast paced.