Zumba Gold

Ditch the workout and join the party! You’ll do fun moves to hot Latin music. This is a great course for beginners and anyone young at heart who loves to dance. You’ll samba, cha-cha and salsa your way to better fitness. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to go at your own pace. Wear comfortable clothing and lightweight shoes; bring bottled water.

Judi Lampert (judilusa@charter.net) holds several fitness certifications and has taught group fitness classes in community and university settings across the country for over twenty years.

Yoga With Wrinkles

Yoga, appropriately and safely adapted for older bodies, is a creative, intelligent, and health-supporting practice for living better longer. Movement is medicine for body, mind, and spirit. Learning new movement “vocabulary” helps replace habitual patterns with body awareness, good posture, better balance, and fewer aches and pains. Each class will combine movement and yoga instruction with lecture and discussion on topics of self care. Please bring a yoga mat, if you have one. NOTE: Due to topic popularity, participants may take only one yoga course per term.

Take Charge of Your Health

What can you do to help yourself be healthy as you “age actively”? This course presents eight sessions, each of which is focused on a current area of health and wellness: motivation, nutrition, digestion/enzymes, stress and the brain, balance and flexibility, hormone changes (male and female), orthopedic challenges, and the holistic body. Instructors are local health care professionals whose expertise will be shared in a combination of lecture, demonstration and question and answer sessions.

T’ai Chi for Back and Balance

The principles and movements of T’ai Chi have evolved over the centuries to improve health and balance. Practice gentle, meditative movements that relax and strengthen. You can incorporate these exercises into a daily routine to develop flexibility, integration and stability. Please note: Due to topic popularity, participants may take only one T’ai Chi course per term.

T’ai Chi for Arthritis

Sun style T’ai Chi for Arthritis (TCA) is beneficial for range of motion, balance, posture and relaxation. Each class will include warm-ups incorporating T’ai Chi principles, work on the basic twelve moves of TCA, and cool-down exercises. The course will be taught in two tracks, standing and seated, for those with compromised balance. This course is Arthritis Foundation promoted. Wear comfortable, loose clothing and supportive shoes. Please note: Due to topic popularity, participants may take only one T’ai Chi course per term.

Re-Creative Retirement Yoga

Enjoy a synthesis of gentle physical postures (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama) and self reflection to awaken optimal physical, mental and emotional capacity for living well. Regular participants will notice increased strength, muscle tone and bone density, improved flexibility, balance and coordination, better respiratory efficiency, decreased blood pressure and a strengthened immune system. Benefits also include an increase in overall sense of well being. Self reflection techniques will be used to engender curiosity about exploring re-creative ways of BEing in retirement.

Parkinson’s Disease and the Art of Movement

People with Parkinson’s disease have to learn to move and speak consciously. They are literally forced into conscious action to function and stay vital. You can curtail the major symptoms of Parkinson’s disease through yoga and Pilates-based conscious movement. You’ll also learn vocalization exercises (simple soundings and reciting of verses), gain heightened awareness, and learn to pay attention to the so-called small things.

Jennifer Gianni (info@fusionpilates.com) is a certified instructor in Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis and is a master Pilates instructor.

Intermediate Line Dance

If you enjoyed the beginning line dance course, step up to the intermediate level. These dances are a little more challenging, and lots of fun!

Denna Yockey (denna.yockey@yahoo.com) teaches line dance at Givens Estates and Harvest House. She has taught line and partner dancing for about twelve years and had her own dance club in Kansas for eight years.