The Ballparks We Grew Up In

1st four weeks

With slides and video clips, we will visit the sixteen stadiums that were the home of a Major League Baseball team in 1955.  A few are still used today, but most have disappeared.  We will review facts about each stadium, and great moments at them during the 1950s and ‘60s. Class members who went to games at these ballparks during that era will be invited to share a few experiences.

Living Well in Summer

1st four weeks

In this multi-faceted participatory course, we will explore the wisdom of Oriental medicine to restore and support our health naturally.  Participants will learn to choose food and herbs to restore and balance internal organ systems.  We will learn about the element of fire and the associated meridians of heart and small intestine and their acupressure points.  In addition, we will learn how to apply the color associated with the seven energy centers and practice a simple qigong to enhance our health. 

Frank Lloyd Wright: America’s Most Famous Architect

Discover Wright's contributions to architecture through multi-media presentations and lectures. What were Wright's design concepts?  How did Wright design and construct his buildings?  How did the women in Wright’s life influence him?  Which of Wright's innovations are commonplace today?  We'll explore these and many other topics utilizing DVDs and over 400 digital images of his projects, furniture, and art glass.

America’s Economic Restraints

1st four weeks

America’s 2008 Great Recession still lingers.  The Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing has been hindered by a liquidity trap which has restricted business investment.  A large wealth gap exists between the richest 5% and the poorer 90%, resulting in decreased incomes.  Austerity budgeting has harmed that 90% by cutting funding for federal agencies and programs serving them.  We’ll analyze these economic restraints and how they can be mitigated.

Brevard Opera – Live at OLLI

In collaboration with the Brevard Music Center, we will explore the operas to be performed this summer by the young singers/students of the Janiec Opera Company at the Brevard Music Center.  Classes will include performances and discussions with students, stage directors, and conductors.  Participants will describe their own personal journeys and the ways in which they are trained for an opera career.

Magnificent Museums of Philadelphia

The birthplace of America is rich in artistic grandeur.  Come experience Philadelphia's “Museum Mile” along the city's famed Benjamin Franklin Parkway.  In this course we will explore the acclaimed Philadelphia Museum of Art, Rodin Museum, Franklin Institute, and the recent, controversial relocation of the Barnes Foundation.  If you enjoy the macabre, you'll get that and more as we also venture into the nearby Mütter Museum.  

Laid or Darning Needlepoint

1st four weeks

This course is an introduction to laid or darning needlepoint.  We will learn why and where to place the laid design. This is an intermediate/advanced needlepoint course, NOT appropriate for beginners.  Please contact the instructor prior to class for a materials list.  Cost of materials: $30-40.

 Sheila Murphy ( has been doing needlepoint for many years and has taught craft courses at the College for Seniors since 2005.