Continuing Yoga

This is a course for people who have had some yoga experience. It will include instruction in basic poses and sequences, breath work, and meditation. It will be helpful to bring your own yoga mat and any other props you own, although College for Seniors can supplement these. NOTE: Due to topic popularity, participants may take only one yoga course per term.

Since 2001, Fran Ross ( has taught Hatha yoga from a blend of several traditions. She is certified by the Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association and by the National Yoga Alliance.

Continuing Tap

This is a course for those with some knowledge of basic tap steps. The emphasis will be on having fun and developing a tap routine. Tap shoes, or shoes with leather soles, are necessary.

Mary Walker ( is a graduate of Ohio University, with thirty years experience as a teacher/librarian. For six years she taught English in Japan, China, and Slovakia. She has had extensive experience as a tap dancing teacher, and has performed with two groups since 1990.

Beginning Bridge

You will learn the point count method with upgrades known as Standard American. You’ll be playing a hand by the end of the first session! Each lesson begins with a lecture and discussion of the assigned topic, followed by play of appropriate hands. This course is not for experienced players. Materials fee: $8 fee payable to the instructor at the first session.Marilyn Evans

Beginning Ballroom Dancing

This course will consist of four weeks of rumba lessons and four weeks of swing lessons. No partner is required. The goal of this course is to provide students with the basic skills to make them feel comfortable and look good on the dance floor!

Sherry Lubic ( is a professional ballroom, Latin, and rhythm instructor. Dancing is her passion, and her desire is to instill that same passion for dance in those she teaches.

Acting Up and Out and Reacting

Have you ever wanted to be on the stage? Here’s your chance to learn some acting techniques without having to memorize a single line. We’ll study scenes and practice character development. The course will include theater games and staged readings of dialogues and monologues. No acting experience required. Please note: You may sign up for either session, but not for both.

The Magnificent Telescope

Learn the history of the telescope, its current technology and its future. Discover how a telescope works, the types, the mounts and accessories, and basic telescope operation and maintenance. With an experienced astronomer, you will learn about and use the three most common telescope types available today for amateurs, as well as explore telescope innovations like digital-setting-circles and go-to telescope control. Recommended text: Secrets of Stargazing, Becky Ramotowski, ISBN: 1-931559-40-6. Cost: $12.00.

Introduction to Elementary Algebra and Geometry

Often algebra and geometry are studied for the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction one gets when successfully solving an equation, proving a theorem, or using math to solve a practical problem at home. This course will challenge and stimulate your mind while we review arithmetic and learn basic algebra and geometry. Each class will include a practical application portion where we will use arithmetic, algebra and geometry to solve problems common in everyday life.

The Principal Teachings of Buddhism

Lama Tsongkapa (fourteenth century) is widely considered the greatest Buddhist master and author of ancient Middle Asia. Among his prolific writings is a fourteen verse poem, The Three Principal Paths, that conveys the essence of the steps on the path to enlightenment. This scripture, together with the nineteenth century commentary by Pabongka Rinpoche, provide an excellent introduction to Buddhist thought. Class time will include discourse on the key ideas of Buddhist worldview, question and answer time, and engaged critical discussion.

Jewish Existentialists: Buber, Heschel, Rosenzweig and Soloveitchik

Explore the impact of nineteenth century Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard’s religious existentialism on the modernizing movement within early twentieth century European Judaism. Discover the historical, philosophical and theological influence of existentialism on renowned Jewish thinkers Martin Buber, Franz Rosenzweig, Joseph Soloveitchik, and Abraham Heschel as their writings throw light on contemporary issues in Jewish theology, Israeli politics, responses to the Holocaust, the mystery of the divine, and the nature of faith.