America in the Cold War Era

This course will explore the economic, political and social history of the United States from the end of World War II through the presidency of Ronald Reagan, known as the Cold War era. Among the topics covered are the Red Scare and civil rights, as well as the women’s, anti-war, and conservative movements.

Jim Lenburg ( is a retired history professor. He has taught several courses for the College for Seniors. He has a PhD in history from Penn State University.

Silence is Golden: Favorite Dramas from the Silent Era

This new course will feature several of my favorite silent dramas from around the world with background on each film and the reasons why I chose them. Films to be screened include Laugh, Clown, Laugh with Lon Chaney, Fritz Lang’s Destiny, Sergei Eisenstein’s Strike, and the French crime thriller, Fantomas.

Chip Kaufmann ( is currently president of the Hendersonville Film Society, a regular contributor to Rapid River magazine, and a classical music announcer at WCQS. This is his tenth course for OLLI.

Understanding Modern China and Our Own Assumptions

China’s population is four times the United States’, yet we have little understanding of their culture, religions, economy, and government. With over 1.3 billion people, China is quickly becoming a dominant world force that is inextricably intertwined with our future. By looking outward to learn more about modern China, we will understand more about our own assumptions and attitudes. Please note: The facilitators request that only those who have taken their previous China courses enroll.

Political Development in the Arab World

We shall consider twentieth-century forces like colonialism, socialism, and pan-Arabism which shaped the diverse political systems in Arab countries of North Africa and the Middle East. We will analyze democratic potential in modernizing monarchies like Morocco and Saudi Arabia, bureaucratic authoritarian regimes like Egypt and Yemen, and semi-democracies like Iraq and Palestine.

Contemporary Issues: Dialogue and Debate

We will discuss six contemporary issues in US society: media credibility, US policy in the Middle East, public education reform, sustainable energy, alternative/traditional medicine, and federal government reform. Suggested short readings will guide discussion. The last class session will be devoted to formal debates on contemporary issues by course members who volunteer to debate.Chuck Fink

Sailing Into Word 2007 (Beginner)

This is an introductory course on Word ’07, exploring some of the most useful parts of the program. Join us and we’ll sail through Word without any major shipwrecks! Familiarity with the computer and word processing software is a necessity. Please bring a flash drive to class to save documents that you will be creating. Minimum Requirements: Familiarity with the keyboard and mouse are essential. Recommended text: Microsoft Office Word 2007: Teach Yourself Visually, Marmel, ISBN: 978-0-470-04593-0. Cost: $16.32 (new), from $8.83 (used).

Power Up Your PowerPoint: Intermediate PowerPoint

Improve your PowerPoint presentation in order to hold your audience’s interest so they can better understand the information you want to convey. If you have a few PowerPoint slides or a Word outline, you will be able to animate bullets and texts, use design templates, create links, make transitions between slides, bring in graphics and animate them, bring in sound, and sharpen your delivery. Minimum Requirements: The ability to make text slides in PowerPoint, or an outline for a presentation. Participants must bring a flash drive.

Macintosh for the Advanced Beginner

Harness the power of your Mac computer using the Snow Leopard operating system. Explore how to “play nice” and share with other Mac computers including the Cloud and portable devices like iPhones and iPads, how to use and share advanced digital media, understand backup strategies, as well as how to select and update software with recommendations. An overview of OS 10.7 Lion will be included. Minimum Requirements: Must be fluent with basic Mac operating system functions and regularly use core applications (e.g., mail, browser, and at least one other application).

iWork ’09 Overview

Extend your creativity to use Mac’s answer to Microsoft Office. Learning the basics of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote software will enable you to quickly create and edit documents and flyers, develop spreadsheets, and create dynamic presentations. This is a demonstration/lecture course, not hands-on. Minimum Requirements: Basic computer skills and familiarity with Mac OS and mouse or trackpad are required. Recommended text: iWork ’09, The Missing Manual, Josh Clark, ISBN: 978-0-596-15758-6. Cost: $27.00 (new), from $20.00 (used).

Introduction to Computer Usage

This course will be a hands-on introduction to the hardware and software of personal computers as well as the Windows operating system. Also discussed will be the creation and manipulation of files/forms, Microsoft Office, the Internet and emailing. Several popular web sites will be explored. Usage and misusage will be stressed as well as computer security. Note: You may sign up for either session, but not for both. Minimum Requirements: Little or no experience with computers is necessary. Access to an email account and a flash drive for data exchange will be required.