Free Alternative to Photoshop

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a free, open source application that has the same advanced functionality as Photoshop and is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. This course will provide an overview of GIMP, its features and functions, and examples of using it instead of Photoshop. It will be a lecture-discussion with examples to be worked at home after each class. Not hands-on. Minimum Requirements: Familiarity with using a computer to view and/or edit photos.

Basic Photo Editing and Enhancement

In this hands-on course for beginners and intermediate users, taught on the CS Photoshop software but applicable to Elements users as well, we will learn strategies to edit and enhance our photographic images. While doing so, we will explore the capabilities of the Photoshop software and its tools. Basic portrait retouching will be covered as well as special effects such as collage, brush frames, and use of clipping masks. Minimum Requirements: Familiarity with computer, access to photo editing software outside of class. Please bring a flash drive with photo files to class.

Advanced Home Computing

Through lecture, discussion, and real-time examples, we will gain a more indepth understanding of using a Windows-based personal computer at home. The focus will be a working understanding of the PC, use of the Internet and email, information security, connections, and networking. Bring your favorite or current question to class to discuss and troubleshoot. Minimum Requirements: Not intended for inexperienced users. Basic Internet access and email or equivalent experience. Not hands-on.

How To Get the Income You Need in Retirement

For many retirees, the over-riding and crucial investment objective is getting the income they need in retirement—without risking they will outlive their assets. This course will provide a framework participants can use for making critical investment decisions. We will develop a superior “distribution strategy”: a practical and realistic solution to the problem of how to get sustainable income from your investment portfolio.

Elder Law & the Elder Team

This course will address the complex issues facing elders and caregivers. Specifically, it will cover the documents necessary to protect the elders’ interests, living arrangements and how to pay for them, scams and other ways elders are exploited, care giving, and legislative issues involving elders.

Attorney Cathie St. John-Ritzen whose primary area is elder law, was a registered nurse and family caregiver. She is an active member in local elder care organizations, including being on the CarePartners Ethics Committee.

College Planning: Bridging the Generation Gap

Education is a critical component for success in life. Rising costs make planning for one’s education essential. Grandparents can play an integral role in this process, once they know how. This course examines a variety of issues associated with college planning, from family issues to financials. This broad scope offers multiple tools with which to strengthen family ties and support success.

Use Your Stash

Use your stash of fabrics to make great gifts and learn sewing techniques to make sewing easier. We will make pillows, quilted table runners, placemats, Christmas tree napkins, pot holders, casserole carriers, pouches and more. Participants must have previous sewing experience. Bring your own sewing machine and supplies. Please contact the instructor before the first class for a list of items needed.

Quilted Water Bottle Bag-CANCELLED

This course is for the intermediate sewer and/or quilter who would like to try to make something different – a quilted water bottle bag. The bag is quilted on the outside, has a water-resistant lining and a pocket for driver’s license, cell phone, and/or tissues, fits across your body so it won’t slip off your shoulder, and is very light. This is all you need for shopping or a short hike in the woods. Students must bring sewing machine, rotary mat and cutter, material and thread to class. If needed, the Center’s sewing machine may be borrowed by contacting Jan Guichard.

Masque Making

Beginning with paper, we will make masques, followed by two of clay, a plaster gauze masque on our face, and one using all natural materials. Clay, plaster gauze, and acrylics are supplied. Materials fee: $10, payable to the instructor at the first class. Please contact the instructor before the first class for a list of items needed.

Intermediate Jewelry Making

This course is designed for those students who would like to take their jewelry making skills to the next level. The course will focus primarily on wire wrapping techniques using headpins to make standard earrings, dangle clusters for necklaces and earrings, and clustered pendants. While the Basic Jewelry Making Course is not a required prerequisite, it is highly recommended that students have some previous experience with jewelry making and design. Materials fee: $45, payable to the instructor at the first class.