Gentle Yoga

The focus of this course is on nonjudgmental awareness of body and mind, as well as breathing, $20 instructor feealignment, flexibility, strength, and balance.  Simple but not necessarily easy practices will be taught.  Most students will have had some experience taking yoga, but some will be new to it.

Beginning Digital Camera

This course is for first time owners of a digital camera who want to use the darn thing!  You will learn about the camera’s buttons, dials, icons, and other features and will have an opportunity for a one-on-one session with the instructor to learn the specifics of your camera.  Bring your camera and manual to each session; you’ll use the camera during this course.

Be Your Own Handy Person

This hands-on course provides useful skills and pointers for fixing problems in and around your home.   Topics include replacing toilet valves, fixing holes in walls, installing shelves, fixing sticky doors, controlling rodents and other pests, light bulb selection and replacement, basic tools, and lots more.  If you’re recently on your own or are tired of calling for service for everything, this is a great way to learn the basics.  One class will be a field trip to Lowes!

Authentic Pilates: Mat 2

This intermediate Pilates mat class follows the classical methods of Pilates and is for those who have$20 instructor fee mastered the basic Pilates exercises.  Core strength, alignment, stretch, breath, and control will be strengthened through practice of intermediate mat exercises. Knowledge of the beginning Pilates mat exercises is required.

A Survey of Asheville’s Layers of History

This course provides an overview of the diverse history of our Western Carolina home. We'll discuss the geology, plants, and animals of these ancient mountains and rivers, plus settlers' history and cultural diversity. The course consists of two lecture/discussion classes and an optional two-hour walk on Friday morning each week, in the Botanical Gardens of UNC Asheville, historic sites at AB Tech, the YMI, and park sections of the Urban Trail.

Shakespeare and the Modern Reader


Domestic violence, family dysfunction, moral corruption, anger, jealousy, and greed are variations, albeit twisted ones, of our human sexuality which appear as themes in Shakespeare's plays Hamlet and Othello. Though these dramas were written four hundred years ago, they remain relevant today.  Let us explore what makes them so modern and familiar.  Required text: Any good edition of Hamlet and Othello.

Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Plate Tectonics: Revolution in Geology

This course examines the characteristics and causes of earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes, and their relation to plate tectonics; development of plate tectonic and continental drift theory is also discussed.  Videos, slides, and case histories help illustrate these phenomenon; relevance to North Carolina's geologic present and past is also considered.  Although a scientific approach is used, the course is designed for non-scientists.

Watercolor for Beginners

This course is geared for those who are truly beginners in the art of watercolor. Some elementary drawing skills will be needed, but no watercolor experience is necessary. We will use an instruction book, so participants can review step-by-step instructions over and over again.  Cost of materials: $50, depending on materials needed to purchase. Please see the course webpage at for a materials list.  Required text: Watercolor for the First Time, Kory Fluckiger, ISBN: 10-1402722141.