Short Stories in Print and Film

Film makers often use literature as their source. Some well-known short stories by Thomas Hardy, Robert Louis Stevenson, Anton Chekhov, James Joyce, D. H. Lawrence, and Somerset Maugham have been made into excellent feature films.  We’ll read a story by each of these writers, watch the film, then discuss the story, the film, and the adaptation process.  Reading the story before watching the film will enhance appreciation and enjoyment.

Yoga for Posture 101

Our digital “tech neck”/“head down” society conspires against good posture and is ruining our spines! $20 instructor fee If “Stand up straight!” is not so easy anymore, this class will help you break out of “slump-land.”  Create a beautiful, upright posture with the help of a posture coach.

Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold’em poker has taken the nation by storm.  If you have been watching World Poker Tour or World Series of Poker tournaments on television, this is the way to finally learn Texas Hold’em.   The course will start with basic game setup and rules, then move to the different strategies of tournament and home game play.  The class will play tournament poker the last half of each class.  Recommended text: Harrington on Hold’em, Volume 1, Daniel Harrington, ISBN: 1-880685-33-7.  Cost: $16.17.

Spirituals, Hymns, and Gospel: Black Religious Music

1st four weeks

Beginning in the last third of the nineteenth century, black vernacular religious music became, for white America, the best-known example of that culture’s artistic expression.  But the music was not a static form, nor was it viewed in the same way by African-Americans as by mainstream America.  This course will trace the major currents of the spirituals, hymns, and gospel songs within, and without, the black communities where they were created and refined.