OLLI Call to Action

The CEC defines a “Call to Action” to meet a specific need in the community.Mentor and student focused on homework. The Civic Engagement Committee Call to Action for Education aims to improve the performance of students in Asheville City Schools.

Starting in January 2014, the CEC dedicated its Call to Action to improving education in three Asheville City Schools (Ira B. Jones Elementary, Asheville Middle School and Asheville High School) by supplying OLLI volunteer tutors, mentors, class assistants and special events helpers. Our volunteers work closely with the in-school Vista Volunteer Coordinators led by the Asheville City Schools Foundation.

In the fall of 2015, the Call to Action for Education was designated as the Civic Engagement Committee’s ‘Signature Project’. The OLLI mission has lifelong learning as its cornerstone.  Sending volunteers into the schools ensures that future generations developed a desire for lifelong learning.

The Asheville City Schools Foundation has stated that OLLI volunteers are uniquely qualified to be volunteer classroom assistants due to their intellect, reliability, flexibility and communication skills. The call to Action for Education continues to grow and in 2016 additional schools were added and volunteer opportunities expanded.

OLLI volunteers in the schools have derived a great deal of satisfaction and reward as part of our assistance:

  • "I love being with my kids. They make my whole day."
  • "I know my work makes a difference in these kids' lives."
  • "Working with the staff at Asheville Middle School reinforces my faith in teachers. They are effective, inventive and open minded."

New OLLI volunteers are always welcome. If you have an interest, email Civic Engagement Committee chairman Kathleen Mainardi, kkmainardi@gmail.com