Teaching for College for Seniors

At the heart of the College for Seniors program are dedicated volunteer instructors. While many instructors are retired academics, others with no formal teaching background have successfully facilitated learning experiences centered on their areas of passion, interest or expertise. To help orient prospective and first-time instructors and to enhance the skills of experienced teachers, the following resources are available:

CFS Curriculum Committees

The curriculum of the College for Seniors program is principally in the hands of 11 topical Curriculum Committees. The committees establish the curriculum priorities for their areas of focus, interview instructors who want to teach in a new topic area, and work with instructors to plan and promote success in the classroom. A general description of topics under each curriculum committee can be accessed HERE.

Each Curriculum Committee can be contacted through its chair (listed below) for specific information about the review of course proposals. The Curriculum Committee chair will designate a liaison who will contact you and with the instructors and the committees to review all course proposals.

The 11 curriculum committees can be contacted through their committee chairs.

Business, Law and Finance—Julie Synder
Health and Fitness—Barbara Rapchak
History—Ron Schon
Languages, Literature and Writing—Jay Jacoby
Life Transitions—Meridith Miller
Math, Science and Technology—Richard Wiener
Social Sciences—Robert Lemkau
Performing Arts—Luis Uranga
Personal Development—Patti Wells
Religion and Philosophy—Linda MacDonald
Visual Arts—Deborah Reynolds

Questions about College for Seniors? Contact Herb Gunn, College for Seniors program manager, at hgunn@unca.edu

CFS Course Proposals

Please understand that the CFS course proposal deadline is a hard deadline and sets into motion a number of aspects of the review process including time for the Curriculum Committees to review and consult with the proposer and the OLLI staff to prepare catalogs and registration.

Course Proposal Deadlines:

Summer term 2019 (six weeks) will be held June 10-July 26, 2019. Course proposals are now closed.

Fall term 2019 (eight weeks) will be held September 16-November 8. Course proposals are due May 1.

Winter term 2020 (six weeks) will be held January 13 - February 24, 2020. Course proposals are due August 1.

The Fall 2019 term will have a special theme on Appalachia. If you would like to proposal a course idea for this special theme to the Theme Term Advisory Committee, please go to the dedicated URL at https://tinyurl.com/cfsThemeTerm2019. The deadline to submit your idea for a course on Appalachia to the committee was March 1, 2019, but we will be reviewing the preliminary course proposal until May 1.  See the CFS Theme Term Advisory Committee description of the theme term HERE

Please click on and complete the online course proposal form for the term in which you hope to teach. Once the proposal form is started, you must complete your work and submit before closing your browser. 

We will return a copy of your proposal to you for your records. The Course Outline, which will assist the Curriculum Committee in working with you to organize your course AND be posted on the OLLI website prior to the term, can be completed or revised after the proposal is submitted. The Course Outline, amendments to the proposal, and other supplemental materials can be sent directly to the College for Seniors Program Manager. If you would like to review the questions on the proposal form, click here.

Workshops and Skills Development

The College for Seniors Instructor Support Team offers frequent training and workshop days for instructors or those OLLI members who may be pondering a course. 


One full day of workshops and networking for prospective, new and experienced instructors are offered in March and August.

SkillTalks Workshops and Training
Shaking It Up: Building Community Through Involvement

March 14, 2019
8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.

The College for Seniors Committee offers a day-long training and workshop event called SkillTalks. 

This is an excellent opportunity to enhance your current skills or learn a new one ...  and to spend time with other College for Seniors instructors. Coffee in the morning and lunch is included at SkillTalks and the networking is fabulous! (no charge for either).

Access to the SkillTalks agenda is HERE:

Please use this form to let us know if you are coming, staying for lunch and which workshops you plan to attend.


Instructor Guide and Technology Information

An instructor guide has been prepared to help instructors understand the policies and procedures pertaining to teaching in the College for Seniors. The guide also includes information about the structure of CFS and its committees, as well as how instructors and courses are chosen and supported. Click here to download the Instructor Guide.  Instructor are responsible to understand the AV and technology in the rooms in which they teach. Click here for information about available technology. Information on the assistive listening system at the Reuter Center is available through the OLLI office.